My name is Michael and welcome to Jewels 4 My Jesus. A blog about faith, religion, God, life, and my personal story and relationship with God.

I am a pretty faithful person to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was brought up through the catholic faith because my parents celebrated Jesus through catholicism. So for most Sundays we would praise, worship, pray, and learn God’s Word in a catholic church. I was faithful for most part and lived my life trying to be the most ethical and moral person that I could be. I followed God’s teaching as much as possible, and this is probably what a lot of people strive to do as well.

But it is only when a person’s faith is tested is when the real journey begins.

My faith was tested. And through my journey, the choices that I made, and the relationship I had with God, it made me the strong and successful person that I am today.

On this website I’ll share my story with you and the world so that you may take on another perspective on God, religion, spirituality, Jesus, and more, and perhaps you’ll find a path to create your own story and journey.

So come here as I share what could be a very controversial perspective of faith and religion. This is My Jewels 4 My Jesus. Hopefully you’ll finds yours too!.