Believe In What You Believe In

Believe In What You Believe In – It’s All Connected

To think that one belief, religion, theory, etc., is what is needed to answer one of life’s sought of answer to the question, “What is life about?”, is conceivable.

For an individual to live his or her life happy, wealthy, and healthy, all you need is to follow one of those beliefs, theories, philosophy, etc. And there are millions of them out there. I met a very nice Ewa Beach tow truck service guy who spent the majority of his life jumping from religion to religion, belief after belief, trying to find the meaning of life and be content. This is the story of many people out there and it leads to a lost feeling towards life.

In my journey, I’ve also studied a lot of beliefs out there. But I have come to the conclusion that all you need is (if anything) one moral, ethical, and uplifting practice or religion to follow to obtain that happiness and contentment in life. It could be just following the Catholic religion, what I grew up learning about, Christianity, Buddhism, Science, mythology, philosophy, or whatever it is. It’s because it’s all the same and everything can be connected to each other.

In most ethical beliefs, the main goal is to achieve happiness and be content. All one needs to do is pick one belief, follow it with faith, and know that you are striving to achieve the same thing as others, even though their needs, wants, and desires are different from you.

If you do that and understand this, there is no right or wrong religion or belief. It’s only when people begin to compare differences between each other’s followings then evil arises. When they do that and fail to compare the similarities, they miss the entire boat of what they are truly trying to find in life and therefore become hypocritical.

I’m sure Jesus understood this as well. That’s is why He didn’t curse against the ones that tortured and crucified Him. He prayed to God, “Forgive them for they don’t understand…”. I speak of Jesus because that’s what I know and are most familiar with. But I can tell you this, with any other religion or belief that’s out there, I can relate it to each other. In fact, there are more similarities than differences that exist between anything spiritual, metaphysical, or whatever it is. Stay tuned and I’ll reveal some of them to you.

But the bottom line is picked one and follow it with faith. There’re no fundamental differences in religion, spirituality, theories, or sciences are all just an illusion. They are all fundamentally the same and can be connected in some way somehow. And if we only start making the connections together, we would be better off understanding the “meaning of life” even more!

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