What do you say when people ask if you believe in God?

I have been asked if I believe in God. I’ve had debates over the existence of God, spirituality, religion and so on.

What do you say when you have such a conversation?

In my younger days I would automatically say “yes”, I believe in God. It was probably because I was brought up and raised by my family as a Catholic. Whatever my parents would tell me, I would believe. And going to Catholic church every Sunday, that’s all that I knew.

I think this happens to every one for a lot of aspects of their lives. As children we believed in whatever our parents, adults, or authoritative figure would tell us. In fact, those things that were nurtured into us when we were young created our foundation of belief and how we see the world.

It was only when I reached my early twenties I began to question the existence of God. It was when challenges and “circumstances” kicked me down in life when I began to question the beliefs that was instilled into my younger me.

Someone once told me, “When you’re down on the ground in life, you’re going to either blame God, or seek God”.

But, the thing with that is, and to answer the question, “what do you say when people ask if you believe in God?”. Whether you seek God or blame God, you still are believing in God. He still exists. It’s just a matter of what relationship you choose to have with Him.

For people who don’t believe in God, atheists and such, if God is in their conversation of debate, wouldn’t that mean the belief of God’s existence is still there?

God exists. Through my trials and tribulations, I was really building my relationship with God. And the more that I journeyed and the more that I learned, it just reinforced my belief that God does exist – without a doubt.

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