It's All Connected

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, if people of different religions were to focus the similarities that they have with other religions rather than their differences, the world would be much more peaceful. If they were to compare similarities, they would be surprised that they are not really different at all. In fact, they are all very much the same.

Don’t believe me?

In the following video that I’m going to share with you here, it will prove that many religions are more similar more than they are different. It was first shared with me by an Oahu tree trimmer friend of mine. It’s called The Naked TruthContinue reading “It’s All Connected”

Believe In What You Believe In

Believe In What You Believe In – It’s All Connected

To think that one belief, religion, theory, etc., is what is needed to answer one of life’s sought of answer to the question, “What is life about?”, is conceivable.

For an individual to live his or her life happy, wealthy, and healthy, all you need is to follow one of those beliefs, theories, philosophy, etc. And there are millions of them out there. I met a very nice Ewa Beach tow truck service guy who spent the majority of his life jumping from religion to religion, belief after belief, trying to find the meaning of life and be content. This is the story of many people out there and it leads to a lost feeling towards life.

In my journey, I’ve also studied a lot of beliefs out there. But I have come to the conclusion that all you need is (if anything) one moral, ethical, and uplifting practice or religion to follow to obtain that happiness and contentment in life. It could be just following the Catholic religion, what I grew up learning about, Christianity, Buddhism, Science, mythology, philosophy, or whatever it is. It’s because it’s all the same and everything can be connected to each other. Continue reading “Believe In What You Believe In”

My Journey In Searching For Answers

When I was going through my trials and tribulations in my late teenage years I began my search. It was a tough time – a time of depression, thoughts of suicide, alcoholism, and other cynical things filled my life.

But, there was faith in me. Rather than blaming God, I searched for Him. Initially, I didn’t search for Him directly. I searched everywhere else but the church, religion, the bible, etc. I read books, watched videos, listened to audiobooks, listened to other’s opinions, etc. I was searching for answers. At the time I didn’t even know what answers I was looking for, I just wanted my pain to go away. I wanted to find out a solution to take away the emotional pain that I held in.

I felt that I read it all and done it all to ease that pain, which it did. Actually, I was finding that Continue reading “My Journey In Searching For Answers”

What do you say when people ask if you believe in God?

I have been asked if I believe in God. I’ve had debates over the existence of God, spirituality, religion and so on.

What do you say when you have such a conversation?

In my younger days I would automatically say “yes”, I believe in God. It was probably because I was brought up and raised by my family as a Catholic. Whatever my parents would tell me, I would believe. And going to Catholic church every Sunday, that’s all that I knew.

I think this happens to every one for a lot of aspects of their lives. As children we believed in whatever our parents, adults, or authoritative figure would tell us. In fact, those things that were nurtured into us when we were young created our foundation of belief and how we see the world.

It was only when Continue reading “What do you say when people ask if you believe in God?”

Jewels are meant to be displayed so that others may appreciate the beauty of them. These are my jewels. Although, my jewels don’t shine like the ones that you typically visually adore. My jewels are my stories, and I would like to share them with you.

Welcome to Jewels 4 My Jesus, my own personal, maybe even controversial, story of faith and religion. Here I would like to share my journey and walk with Jesus so that maybe someone seeking their own path may be led to a direction of faith, hope, and Love.

Every jewel is unique in their own way. You are a jewel as well. I would like to share with you My Jewels 4 My Jesus.

To be continued… Come back soon.